What do our website redesign Agency include?

Megatask Technologies offers website redesigning services to refresh the online presence of clients with an awesome new website. Our team of Experts work together on redesign a website to enhance poor UI/UX design and make a website Responsive, mobile-first design and Faster page speed, while a modern and user-friendly website can help businesses attract and retain customers. A website redesign company in India also help improve search engine rankings and drive more traffic to the site.

What do our website redesign Agency include?
Our Vision To Empower Websites Design Capability

Our Vision To Empower Websites Design Capability

Equipped with over Experts Web Designers , Megatask Technologies offers a few key features that can help take your website to the next level and create unique experiences for your web visitors.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Optimization / Copywriting
  • On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Custom Graphic & UX Design
  • Marketing-driven development

Why Choose Megatask Technologies

our website redesign company not focuses only on the design of your website. Megatask Technologies redesigns your website, keeping in mind your target industry, business, increase your traffic, generate more leads and add functionality to improve the user experience.

Why Choose Megatas Technologies

Choose Suitable Website Redesign Services

all your website specifics will be taken into consideration while the redesign plan is in progress because it contributes to increased sales and leads.

Landing Page Redesign and Optimization

Landing Page Redesign and Optimization

Don't keep your visitors feeling bored with the same old landing pages.! Work with the best website redesign company in India if you also want to give your audience a sense of exclusivity. We can redesign your landing page & optimize it to boost up website performance.

Redesigning Conventional Website

Redesigning Conventional Website

Can users of different devices not access your website? Then, in order to expand your global reach and make it mobile responsive, it's time to work with Megatask Technologies.

Custom WordPress Redesign Services

Custom WordPress Redesign Services

Megatask Technologies, a reputed website redesign Agency in Delhi, India, assists you in improving the look and feel of your WordPress website. Our experienced designers can provide a trendy update for your website.

Website Theme/Template Redesign

Website Theme/Template Redesign

Whether it's a company portal, a B2B website, or a B2C website, your audience prefers to see upgrades over time, accordingly your only choice is to update the template or theme.

E-commerce Website Redesign

E-commerce Website Redesign

Are you worried about your e-commerce website's decreasing sales and return on expenditures? We can help our clients in updating their online store with our high-quality website redesign services, which include custom themes, templates, and much more.

Content Migration

Content Migration

Content migration is a challenging task for website redesign and has a massive impact on business growth in detailing the services and products. Our team of website redesign experts can help in content migration in a sophisticated way. Ready to make your website more appealing and reliable and earn a massive ROI!

Over the years, we have built ourselves as one of the world's leading client-oriented web development. We productively meet company objectives by creating visually appealing websites and implementing logical functionalities, all of which help to achieve desired results.

Frontend Backend CMS E-Commerce Database Cloud
Angular Codeigniter Drupal Magento Mysq AWS
CSS3 Laravel Wordpress Shopify Oracle Azure
HTML5 Node Js Webflow Woo- Commerce Mongo DB Google Cloud
Javascript Php Drupal FireBase Digital Ocean
React Js Python SQL Services

Industries We Expertise

The industries for which we have provided mobile app development services are listed below.

Professional Services

You have to value client acquisition and process efficiency as a professional service provider. Our dedicated personnel will work with you to develop totally redundant, Megatask Technologies that will transform your service delivery!

Real Estate

If your real estate company doesn't undergo a digital change, it will be like providing housing for birds! Keep up with technological advances and satisfy modern customer demands.

Banking And Finance

The traditional approach produces low data quality and is no longer effective in the financial sector. Our team of professionals assists you in establishing into place a smart, safe, and digitally integrated platform for handling your financial activities.

Travels and Hospitality

Our web development Agency , which include virtual tours, payment gateways, ERP and e-ticketing systems and AR navigation, are helping a lot of clients grow their businesses.


To guarantee the highest level of data security, our web development solutions comply with HIPAA regulations, including PACS/HIE APIs and Claim Adjustment.


We create web app solutions to enhance clients' online purchasing experiences, such as shopping portals and real-time chatbots.

FAQ's Before Hiring Website Development Team

Have questions? We're to help.

Website redesign is essential to keep your online presence fresh, modern, and aligned with evolving industry trends and user expectations. It can improve user experience, enhance brand image, boost search engine visibility, and increase conversion rates, ultimately driving business growth.

The frequency of website redesigns depends on various factors, including industry trends, technological advancements, changes in business objectives, and shifts in user behavior. In general, it's recommended to consider a redesign every 2-3 years to ensure your website remains relevant and competitive.

The timeline for designing and developing an e-commerce website can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the design, the number of features required, the size of the product catalog, and the client's feedback and revisions. On average, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.